Terror visit the Camden Underworld for their latest Uk tour

Here’s to another sweaty night at Camden’s finest venue, the Underworld. This time the lower floor is packed with men and women smothered with black t-shirts and camouflage shorts. Tonight’s gig is headlined by Trustkill’s finest hardcore band, Terror. It’s the band’s third headlining tour in the UK but it is the first time the band have received some financial backing on the tour and gained quite a bit of promotion for it. After a dose of abysmal support bands and a run of the mill set by New York’s Irate, the crowd slowly became impatient for the appearance of the headliners. After reoccurring sound mixing and equipment checking the band roved onstage to an ear-splitting applause.

As Scott, Carl, Nick, Doug and Frank hit the Underworld’s stage, there was nothing else the crowd could expect except some deadly breakdowns and jaw-breaking pits. Songs such as ‘Spit My Rage’ certainly pained a great reception whilst ‘Lowest of the Low’ created the biggest circle pits I have seen in a long time. Admittedly I spent a lot of the set watching the chaotic crowd rather the band themselves. People were jumping off the banisters onto the crowd, swinging off the air conditioning, running into each other and hitting each other. Carl Schwartz acted as some kind of preacher, leading a kind of cult assembly. ‘’We shouldn’t fight each other, we must unite to fight with each other’ He certainly knew how to unite Terror’s fans and ensure that the pits weren’t so violent that they broke into fighting.

The band played a variety of songs from both ‘One with the Underdogs’ and their 2003 full-length ‘Lowest of the Low’. The band may not play music that follows the trends or even anything particularly technical, but they certainly do know how to create a vigorous atmosphere and the Underworld compliments this well.

Terror are certainly a band with a dedicated following, their show was one of the most exciting shows I’ve been to for a long time. As the band state, their live shows certainly out speak their records, which I agree on.