Makes you wish you were Australian

Before we start I think that it is important to say that I am not a fan of The Vines. I have never had their CD at the top of my play list, nor have I ever desperately wanted to see this band. Tonight things have changed.

The Vines walk on to the stage and it is immediately possible to tell the tone for the rest of the set. Within 10 seconds of 'Outtathaway' starting, the crowd erupt as if there was enough energy in every single person to overpower the PA.

Musically the set is fantastic - it is alive. When I've considered The Vines I have always thought of them to be a good band, just not necessarily my cup of tea. The energy produced by this set is amazing, it is one of those moments where you are drawn in to the songs and can't help but join in.

Through their selection of slower and fast material, they manage to keep it up. Some bands just cannot do this whereas The Vines manage to juxtapose the songs throughout the whole set and at no point do I see anyone looking bored - the eyes of 4,000 people are transfixed.

Into the encore and before the finale 'Fuck The World' one of the best known tracks 'Get Free' is played and my earlier suspicions are certainly proved correct. The crowd manage to drown out the PA and can clearly be heard above Craig's soaring voice. This is just one of those gigs that will stick in peoples' minds.

If we were in Australia I would say that we should be proud of them as a nation. You know what? Forget the fact we're not Australian - we should still be proud of them anyway. The Vines are a prime example of what has been missing in our music scene in recent years and they are one of a few bands that have the potential to fill an entire stadium singing along to every note of their songs. Once you've seen them, there's no going back.