As the name suggests

Fresh from his final fling with The Wildhearts and at last sorted out after time in rehab, it's good to see Danny McCormack back on the scene with The YoYos. He looks lean and takes the role of sometime front man with ease.

The YoYos alternate fast numbers with more mid paced songs littered with catchy riffs and melodic choruses. The guitarist takes over lead vocals for the second song, which is a much lighter affair but retains the catchy edge. The initial impact though is tempered by some rather run of the mill songs, not least 'Sunshine Girl' (terrible title!) that sees Danny return to vocals. He's enjoying himself though and from here on in the majority of the songs tend to reflect his happier frame of mind and are generally up beat, positive tunes.

New drummer Craig does a good job of keeping it all tight and whilst the faster songs are better the overall impression is one of pretty standard rock and roll. It's likeable enough without ever being truly memorable. Their last song is perhaps the best of the set, harder and faster it hints at a lurking potential. They go off to a decent reaction and when all's said and done 'decent' is probably a fair summary.