Jenny Lewis back again and great again.

At last summer's T in The Park, Rilo Kiley were one of the surprise hits captivating and eventually capturing a sizeable crowd with their upbeat cheeriness and indie songs. This year, lead singer Jenny Lewis returned with her band and her backing vocalists, the Watson Twins. Although offering a set that was more country and gospel based than her main band's act, yet again, she seemed to be involved in one of the underground hits of the weekend.

Opener 'Run Devil Run' starts off with only the vocals of Lewis and the Watson twins and to unsuspecting onlookers, there may have been concerns of that being the mood for the set. These thoughts were quickly blown away by 'Big Guns' which rattles along at a fantastic pace, sweeping the listener along with the track and found the crowd found themselves punching their air and clapping hands in unison such was the joyful stomp of the track.

Hopefully turning the conventional expectations of country and folk music on its head, the girls were glammed up to the max and at times, came across more like a 60's girl group such was their minimal dance movements and genuine happiness.

'Rise Up With Fists!!' stood out as a clear favourite with the crowd, with its chiming melodies and wistful lyrics and acceptance, this track and a few more acapella moments captured the Gospel leanings of the act, and whilst an element of spirituality and faith in music is not to everyones taste, there can be no doubt the music and vocal delivery was top class.

No doubt trying to broaden the appeal of the set, the band included a cover of The Travelling Wilburys 'Handle With Care.' That's always been a track that this writer has admired, the vocal interplay of the stars playing off each other always had an exciting element to it and this version did it justice. The assistance with the vocals from the band's guitarist worked superbly, his deep and growly tones perfectly recreating the original and complimenting the girls' higher tones.

A greatly uplifting set and perfectly suited for the time of day, most people on leaving the tent did so with a beaming smile on their face, if you haven't given Jenny Lewis the time of day yet, get around to it soon.