Hanoi Rocks at the Rock and Blues Custom Show

More leather, more swagger, more jumping and definitely more upbeat than all the previous bands so far at the Rock and Blues Custom Show. Oh, did I mention more hair and more "cock-rock" as well? Hanoi Rocks have certainly upped the tempo today; the crowd have certainly begun to take a little more notice.

The music features some great sounding guitar licks, carefully placed and not over indulgent. Of course, that is to be expected from guitarist, Conny Bloom, who recently worked with rock legend Ginger, at Download this year. In addition, there was some nice saxophone and harmonica action from the lead singer. The pace varied nicely, since the majority of the bands performing previously, felt rather flat to me.

The crowd responded reasonably well to the bands energy with a little more movement than previously. The pace changed half-way through the set with a nice interjection of a guitar solo from Mr Bloom that was not pretentious or overly long. If that wasn't enough to pump the crowd up, the lead singer decided to change costume and climb half-way up the stage wall; no mean feat considering the fact that this was an outdoor stage.

This band certainly had energy to spare. Even the drummer has his moments, twirling one stick whilst keeping a solid beat with the other. If you cut away the "glam" and the "cock", this is a solid rock band who played a solid set this year. Hanoi certainly does rock if these guys are anything to go by.