Walls of Jericho Tear Up Southampton

2006 has been a good year for hardcore. With reformations of Shai Hulud, Vision Of Disorder and Earth Crisis, the hardcore scene seems stronger than ever. On a cold November night a good example of this hardcore scene is shown in Southampton. Hailing from the Motor City of Detroit, Walls Of Jericho have notched up a worthy reputation as a solid hardcore act. Its been a while since they've been back over to these shores and with appearances on the Ozzfest and the Family Values, the scene veterans have honed their craft even more on the US festival circuit. The anticipation for tonight is almost explosive as the fireworks going on outside.

The crowd at the packed Joiners is a mixed bunch to say the least. On end of the scene spectrum you have the stereotypical scene kids with fringes from a Toni & Guy advert and at the other end you have the tougher than tough hardcore kids waiting to start two stepping and pile ons. This is going to be an interesting evening from the start.

The scene is set with the band coming on from the side of the stage to the music from classic vampire film The Lost Boys before tearing into 'A Trigger Full Of Promises' the first track of their new album With Devils Amongst Us All which turns the Joiners into a war zone with bodies flying everywhere in the pit. 'I Know Hollywood And You Ain't It' swiftly follows adding to the devastation. One of the gig's highlights is 'All Hail The Dead' from the 2004 album that goes down well with the crowd.

Vocalist Candace has one hell of a stage presence, moving across the stage like a miniature juggernaut and roaring at the crowd to start up one of many circle pits of the evening. Guitarists Mike and Chris trade crushing riffs whilst drummer Dustin pounds the skins at almost inhuman levels.

The majority of the quartet's set is mainly cuts from the new album. Tracks like 'And Hope To Die' and 'Welcome Home' show a tight unit pounding intense hardcore with some downright juicy breakdowns. One surprise pulled out is the song 'Why Father' from their debut album The Bound Feed The Gagged. The already active crowd really begin tear up the Joiners here. This is a classic hardcore gig with circle pits, stage dives and gang vocals.

The band close with 'Revival Never Goes Out Of Style' ensuing a mass sing a long with everyone up on stage. The breakneck intensity on record is effortlessly presented on at the Joiners. A solid show from a solid act.