Mighty and Superior

Capdown have kept a high profile in the six years since their last full length release and it certainly seems to have worked for them as they return to a sold out crowd to promote new album 'Wind Up Toys'.

Capdown have set their own high standards over the last few years and we've come to expect a certain level of performance from them. Perhaps spurred on today by the fact that it's vocalist and sax player Jake's birthday, they excel themselves as they practically fly out of the blocks. Such is the confidence in their material (both new and old) that they have no qualms about throwing crowd favourite 'Ska Wars' into the set as early as the second song. The crowd goes crazy and it sets the tone for the whole set.

The newer songs such as title track 'Wind Up Toys' sit perfectly alongside old favourites like 'Headstrong' and 'Pound for the Sound' and it's clear that Capdown have lost none of their intensity or freshness over the years as they come across as vibrant and as relevant as they ever did. The small size of the venue works perfectly for them and the close proximity to the crowd gives them all the incentive they need to put in a stunning performance. This is no better illustrated than during set closer 'Home Is Where the Start Is', during which Jake somersaults off the stage into the crowd. It's fantastic to watch and it's little surprise that when they return for the inevitable encore, which of course had to be 'Cousin Cleotis', that the whole crowd just erupts into a frenzy of dancing.

Capdown continue to fly the flag for 'real' bands, happy to acknowledge their influences but determined to go their own way they straddle the genres of ska and punk effortlessly. As Jake reminds us some critics have labelled ska punk as a 'crime against music' and where some of the weaker US bands of that ilk are concerned they may have a point, but I defy anyone to make that claim after they've heard Capdown! Tonight Capdown are on fire and easily reaffirm their position as one of the best live bands in the country.