One of Britain's Greatest Entertainers

XL Recordings' very own street side pirate-urchin is a hotly tipped success for this year, and indeed you must believe the hype. With a growing song catalogue of tantalising and heart tickling lyrics charged with morality and riddled with advice that mostly concerns the female gender, Peņate is a strong force in new music.

Opening with the unstoppable, upbeat, swooning three-minute long pop package of "Spitting at Stars" it's from that first second that Peņate is moving all over the undersized stage, head bobbing up and down, feet moving left to right and still managing to keep control of the cream telecaster strapped around his checked shoulder.

Smiles throughout from the whole band keep the crowd smiling back. Jack and his merry gang of London miscreants bash through some already established classics. "Got My Favourite" and the slower-tempo tale of "Learning Lines" perfectly fit into Peņate's little set of flavourful fun. This boy does not stop dancing, and nothing is done half heartedly, he's continues pulling shapes though "Made of Codes" and even steps it up a level for the new single "Second, Minute, Hour" which is doused in catchy rhymes and the words of a true song writer are displayed at their best as Peņate reminisces about finding himself, "I lost my head when I found my heart."

To leave everyone Jack left not only his lyrical brilliance in our minds but yet more Jeremy Kyle-esq. advice, "If you like someone then just tell them" he told all the young teen lovers in the audience just before he strummed the first chord of the utterly lustful crowd pleaser "Torn on the Platform". Jack Peņate, would it be too brash to brandish this man as one of Britain's greatest entertainers of the current day? I think not.