Wednesday 13 Sppok and rock Manchester at Academy 2

These of you who know about Wednesday 13 will already be familiar with their particular style of tomfoolery. Those who aren't should listen to "Bad Things". It'll set you up for a good laugh and essentially, that's Wednesday 13 all over. Funny, tongue and cheek style antics but rather well done.

Academy 2 is packed tonight! Plenty of people wearing funny outfits as you'd expect really. One person bloke in drag, with a pink wig and leopard-skin-style fur coat provokes a reasonable level of disquiet among the crowd. There are "Bat Babies" all over the shop, all chanting "Wednesday 13" whilst the Rocky theme tune plays in the background.

Wednesday 13 put on a great show throughout. "I want you dead" garners a fantastic reaction from the crowd. The horror movie influenced rock continues with a set largely taken from "Transylvania 90210" with "God is a Lie", "House by the cemetery" and "Buried by Christmas" making the list. The sound certainly seems better for Wednesday 13 than it did for their support band, McQueen. Throughout the set the band play confidently and well, if perhaps ever so slightly complacently.

The light show is quite impressive for Academy 2. In fact the whole setup is quite impressive visually as well as audibly. The crowd reaction through out the gig is ecstatic. The band do their part too with plenty of guitar poses. The Murderdolls song, "Grave Robbing USA" is received particularly well. Throughout their set, the quality of their performance does not slip one inch. Well, except for perhaps the rather poor Buckethead impression Wednesday attempts with a KFC bucket!

The encore was somewhat predictable. "Bad Things" was bound to appear and sounded pretty damn good, though I should have perhaps also expected "I Like to Say Fuck". "Walk with a Zombie" also makes an appearance, rounding off a solid set from these horror movie style rockers.

I have to admit, though I'm not the biggest Wednesday 13 fan by any stretch, they played a solid set and shouldn't let anyone, newcomer or die-hard fan, down... so long as you are ready for the tongue and cheek style.