Death Bros

Canadian hardcore exponents Cancer Bats are on the case from the first chord. Vocalist Liam bounds around the stage and totally gives it 100%, which all contributes to their brand of hardcore punk with metal overtones going down well with a good size crowd.

It's fast, loud, impressive and with songs like the explosive 'Grenades' & 'French Immersion' coupled with good sound on the second stage the band really rip it up. It might be too early for the crowd to really let loose early on but by the mid point of the set they have a good circle pit going. Guitarist Scott Middleton thrashes out every riff and the whole set is just a furious lesson in hardcore that sets the standard for the rest of the day.

Liam never lets up and despite the early hour it's a superb performance that builds on Cancer Bats growing reputation within the hardcore fraternity, which was already riding high after their recent tour with The Bronx and Rise Against.