Neil's Children

Four weeks ago Neil's Children played the Wedgewood Rooms while supporting The Horrors. On Sunday they were back again this time supporting The Ataris.

Neil's Children came out on stage at about 8pm, they were the first band to play on the first show of the tour, so the crowd had high hopes for their performance. Unfortunately Neil's Children haven't improved a bit since I saw them four weeks ago. Their performance was bland and boring. They barely moved, it was as though their feet had been super glued to the spot, apart from moving their limbs to play their instruments the only other part of their bodies that seemed to be moving was their stupidly large hair. They could easily give Amy Winehouse a run for her money in the big, bird's nest style hair department. Yet again they over used the effects pedal and their music sounded fake and really electronic. Unfortunately for them this time round the majority of the crowd was older, and they weren't on the band's side. Throughout their set no one was dancing, they barely got any applause, well, until they left the stage and the guy that shouted out "You suck!" seemed to sum up the general feeling of the crowd.

I'm not really sure how Neil's Children came to be on The Ataris tour, their music is different, their look is different and judging by the night's performance they definitely appeal to different people. It is fair to say that no one at the Ataris show will remember Neil's Children.