Children of the Damned

There are a lot of curious Iron Maiden fans in the Tuborg tent to see what the daughter of Maiden Bassist Adrian Harris has to offer. Well first off she seems a little ahead of herself with large silk screens on either side of the stage daubed with her name (in very dated artwork). Lauren Harris has supported Within Temptation and ooh who else? Why Iron Maiden of course, which doesn't do much to dispel the presumption held by many that she's had something of a helping hand up the ladder of success.

When all is said and done though Lauren Harris is here in her own right and should be judged as such. She looks great, in skin tight leather trousers and a tight cropped top; she looks so good in fact that one ageing punter to the right of the tent watches her set almost entirely through binoculars! I kid you not. That aside it's all about the music and alas it really isn't up to much, by and large it's average soft rock fayre with the occasional catchy chorus but really nothing to write home about. She has a pretty good voice, it's not outstanding but sufficient and she does work the stage well.

They go down well with the crowd, although even there you get the feeling they are overly supportive due to the Maiden connection. Despite consummate musicianship on the whole (the drummer does seem to miss a couple of beats) there's just not enough about the band or their material for them to garner widespread appeal.