Relatively unknown Americans leave calling card in Bristol

Boston five-piece The Receiving End of Sirens take to the stage to face an intrigued onlooking audience. Allocated the main support slot for Funeral For a Friend's tour, the Americans have a tricky task ahead of them, as there is little sign of recognition in the crowd. By the end of their set, this has all changed, and they leave Bristol with a bus load of converts - a job well done then. After an anxious start, the band soon begin to thrive on the occasion, recreating their trademark triple-guitar monstrous, atmospheric sound that almost blows the speakers to pieces. Ripping through their debut offering 'Between The Heart and the Synapse' the band produce anthem after anthem, the intensity and sheer scale causing many a head to turn and take notice in the crowd. TREOS appear to be determined to make people listen, and they duly oblige. Particular highlights include 'The Evidence', 'Rival Cycle', and instant crowd pleaser 'Planning a Prison Break', which had the crowd bursting into song to join the chorus.

The Receiving End of Sirens clearly have plenty of potential, and are worth keeping on eye on. The intricate guitars intertwine beautifully, creating a subtle blend of hard rock and catchy melody, brought to the fore by a mammoth swell of sound. Something tells me this band will be back on this side of the pond sooner rather than later.