Terra Naomi is the young singer invited to play the massive London leg of climate change concert Live Earth as a virtual unknown, and though the BBC coverage seemed ill-informed on the singer, her tune, 'Say It's Possible' simply blew us away. It's with this in mind that I decided to find out more about the up n'coming artist, catching her show in the woodland Sunrise Arena, a beautiful setting with a chilled feel which meets Terra's tunes with a hushed silence, in total awe of her vocal swoops which pierce the depth of the woods.

Half of Terra's tunes are piano-based, including, 'Up Here', an honest, down to earth tune with the chorus refrain of, "I am who I am, If you don't like it then fuck you man", which also reprimands store assistants not to follow her around when she's shopping. The piano melody is rich and the passionate vocals that burst forth from the New York singer's lungs make up for the gritty vocal shortfalls. 'The Vicodin Song' is another tune full of vice that describes having "a pocketful of pills" with soulful vocals that really pack a punch. A combination of the breeze moving through the shady trees and the spine tingling vocals are enough to give anyone the shivers.

The dynamics of confessional soft moments between belting choruses is stunning and gives the impression that Terra could be the new Tori Amos if she continues to develop her tunes, which currently sound honest but rather bitter, with tunes like 'Not Sorry', an uptempo love song about stealing another woman's man and, 'I'm Happy', a vitriolic number revelling in her own good mood at someone else's expense rather terse and not as charming as the vocals.