Your Army March into Plymouth and Steal Their Affections

Let's be honest, when you think about various live music 'scenes', rarely is Plymouth summoned to the tip of your tongue. However, having visited the relatively new live music venue The Hub in the naval city several times now, I've been thoroughly impressed by the standard of the venue, and they certainly provide the facilities necessary to support emerging talent. Speaking of emerging talent, let's discuss the purpose of my wanderings; Your Army.

The hugely talented Brighton quartet first came to our attention through one of our writers, and were awarded the coveted mantle of Room Thirteen Myspace Artist of the Week a mere few weeks ago. Back in their humble origins of Plymouth, tonight they show the locals what they've evolved into since during their absence; a searing, frenetic rock beast succeeding in breaking their shackles to the norm.

What is immediately apparent is how tight the band are musically, and how passionate they are live. Lucy Caffrey's vocals soar above the relentless bass and intricate guitar, while the drums cascade around your ears. The militaristic drumbeat and huge guitar riff of opener 'What Will the People Say' make the hairs on your neck stand on end, before launching into a ferocious chorus that causes the band to explode with energy, limbs flailing in every direction. Recent single 'My Approval' receives a rapturous reception, as does new track 'The Long Haul' and old favourites 'The Wall' and 'Scarlet'. Set closer 'Tension' seals the night in style, with guitarist Chris Skelly and bassist Sam Godfrey launching themselves off Andrew Hollicks drum kit, guitars swinging every which way. The bands efforts have paid off though, as by the end of the set there is a large crowd that have gathered to see what all the fuss is about. Objective achieved then.

Brimming with energy, ability and showmanship, complete with massive riffs to back it all up, Your Army put on one hell of a show and are certainly worth catching live. Heading to the studio to create an EP in the near future, it's only a matter of time until this unsigned quartet marches into a town near you. Watch this space.