The Forum

Never before have I seen a band put so much dedication into preparation towards a show, and follow it through with enough enthusiasm to make the entire Forum shake on its grounds. This was the last night of Madina Lake's UK tour and they made it one hell of a night.

From the banks of Chicago come these talented young musicians and in just two years, they have released an outstanding album 'From them, through us, to you' and performed in arenas and concert halls all over the world. This show was one of the most creative and energy packed I have ever been witness to.

The contemplation and preparation that went into the show was amazing. From glitter and paper gently falling throughout the crowd at integral parts of a song, to giant balls bouncing from once end of the Forum to the other was superb and a great way to bring the audience and the band that one step closer together. The band threw bottles of water to the audience to cool them down and then encouraged them to throw the remainder over the person standing next to them defiantly not role models.

The lighting effects through out the show were awesome from the dim beginning and slower tracks, to the faster more upbeat numbers on which the bright and colourful choruses defiantly had an impact. From the moment the soft lights came on for the start and the music began, enough enthusiasm to fill Wembeley Stadium was experienced. From beginning to end the performance these guys presented was first class. From upbeat hits like 'Here I stand' to 'Me vs. the world', 'Stars' and 'Pandora', no matter the song, no matter the pace, each tune had the crowd screaming with enjoyment, screaming the lyrics and screaming for more. The most creative part of the show came when the lads wore masks and performed their hearts out; that was unexpected yet incredible.

Nathan Leone, the lead singer, was as crazed as a patient on day release from a mental institution, with a positive twist. From being pulled into the crowd on the fist number to climbing up the side of the scaffolding and stage diving in to the crowd later on the security just had to leave him be on that one. Lucky for us, our photographer was escorted to one side and not hurt in the process thank goodness!

Being present at this gig was one of the most amazing experiences I have been through since working at Room Thirteen, and I highly recommend that next time Madina Lake are in back in the UK and hold a show near you, get a ticket while you can these lads are on a mammoth of a path with no backing down in sight!