Cajun Dance Party

The young and the talented. The future icons and the contemporaneous classics. Cajun Dance Party have their tender heels firmly lodged into place as the teenage five-some path the way down the yellow brick road to a land of swelling, tone doused guitars which drown romantically underneath the vocal velocity of a curly haired, future iconic front man.

The London youngsters seem to never be swimming out of their depth as they open the Cajun experience with one of their first demo's, "Colourful life". This whirlwind of keyboards and varied pace is a hypnotic dance catalyst which was quickly followed by "Run for the fun", which already seems to combust any room into a euphoric odyssey as the air fills with the produce of the Dance Party and their little ambidextrous, instrument clad fingers.

Of course their second single, and already indie-club classic, "Amylase" was given some special attention. "Lets not forget, lets not forget", was an acapella countdown in to a beautiful chaos of stray body parts and a foot stamping stage invasion.

"The next untouchable" induced singer, Dan Blumberg, into a screaming hunchback, almost devouring his microphone in the process as he belts out another set of chant worth lyrics while avoiding the un-wishful grasp of his female admirers as they dribble helplessly in the crowd.

Although it's early days for Cajun you wouldn't know it. They stride with both musical and mental maturity, and performances like these are the well sculptured works of professionals and far from the tentative first steps of five London teenagers.