Another Blisteringly Hot Show

After a stunning set from Evile, the spirits are high as Sanctity prepare the stage for their headline Joiners set. Stripped down is the key tonight, but that certainly doesn't mean that Sanctity are not going to give Southampton one of the blinding sets that they are well known for. And then, suddenly, the band cut the house music and take to the stage.

It's an intimate show tonight, with the majority of those in attendance already fans of the band. Some have left after witnessing Evile tear up the stage, but it has no effect on the enthusiasm of both the fans and the band as they launch into 'Billy Seals'. Sanctity's music is a delicious mix of 80s thrash combined with more modern approaches to metal and the result is music that whilst heavy, has a melodic tint to it to take away the sting.

'Brotherhood of Destruction' is up next, and with it, the pace is increased slightly, with deeper vocals from frontman Jared MacEachern. It's almost as though Sanctity have taken a look at the self-imposed lines drawn by Killswitch Engage and have leapt beyond them into the realms of freedom. Sancitity are all about the blend of juggernaut guitars and a velvety slice of melody and it's been some time since the Joiners has sounded so loud- or so good. In a rare moment of relative silence, Jared introduces the next track with a grin on his face: "We're gonna dedicate this track to all the ladies out there who are having that special time... It's called 'Road To Bloodshed'!" As predicted, the song gets the whole venue moving, whilst the chorus is gleefully sung along to in the midst of the circle pit that has formed. The band then go on to play a song they've not played in a while- the exciting 'The Shape Of Things'. It goes down a treat and the band lap up the cheers from the crowd happily.

'Beloved Killer' is highly dramatic and there's a vein of urgency shot through the sky-high riffs. The crowd go wild for it, and it's easy to see why because Sanctity are compelling listening. There's something so primal about the band's sound, but when combined with their modern day tactics of layering sounds and styles together, the result is a colourful patchwork of metal. 'Flatline' provides another highlight, and Jared informs the crowd that it is "about what may or may not happen when you die."

Sanctity finish up with 'Beneath The Machine'. The track is everything you'd expect it to be in the flesh- far more focussed and driven than on record and it whips the crowd into one final pit of the evening. And just like that, the Sanctity hurricane blows away into the distance, leaving the Joiners crowd with memories of one of the strongest sets to grace the stage in the past month and the desire for more of this exciting blend of old and new.