30 Seconds to Mars live at the Hammersmith Apollo

I know what you are probably thinking. Jared Leto, actor turned musician, can he really be that entertaining standing on stage? I admit, I had my doubts but Hell yeah he can!

I can honestly say I have never been so entertained, mesmerised and enthralled by a band as I was on this night. From their amazing entrance to the stage to the performances and the little bit extra Jared Leto gave towards the end, everything was electric as they gave 110%.

The tracks performed varied from the majority being upbeat heart-stoppers such as ‘From Yesterday’ and ‘Attack’ to the slower paced ballad type vibes given off from tracks like ‘The Story’. I must say, it is a good job that the Hammersmith stage is quite spacious as the way these lads were giving it all, if the stage were any smaller there would have been some accidents. Jared moved to the music with emotion and more enthusiasm than fans at a football match. Whilst performing ‘The Kill,’ which of course got the crowd revered up, ballet dancers entered the stage with grace and poise. Among other tracks Jared stage dived into the crowd and screamed with delight and passion over what he was singing.

His live vocals were not as many would believe. This actor turned musician has beaten the best of both worlds. While performing, or just talking to the crowd he showed his excitement over gig, his passion for what he was doing and his appreciation for the commitment the fans have towards 30 Seconds to Mars. His vocals never withered, never gave less than he had to offer and always got the crowd signing along to his music. Leto sure knows how to hold a note, which is quite difficult for most musicians on a live stage. Upon singing ‘Buddha for Mary’ and ‘the Kill’ he engrossed the fans with his amazing ability to embrace a note for quite some time.

There was so much thought and creativity put into the show that the crowd had no idea of what they were about to experience. One minute you believe the show is coming to an end, the next Jared Leto appears on the balcony above the crowd to get up close and personal with a few acoustic numbers. Fans were probably wishing he were going to absale down the side of the wall but no such luck. His dedication to the tracks he performed solo was remarkable. He bewildered the crowd with his performance of ‘Capricorn’. Then gave it all with ‘Modern Myth’. He was committed to getting every aspect right so refused to go on with the track until the violinist joined in. He spent this time chatting to the crowd and thanking them for all their dedication to the band.

As astonishing as their entrance was, their concluding performance was just as remarkable. Red confetti rained above the crowd as the band ended on a high. I think you actually have to see 30 Seconds to Mars perform to fully comprehend the atmosphere and feelings that soar through the crowd. The effects this night had on the audience, including myself, will never be forgotten. If you are going to pay attention to any band over the next year, make it this one and you will not be disappointed.