Have you ever been witness to a set that literally makes your entire body shake from head to toe due to the fusion of sound within the room? This was the case when The Xcerts took to the stage at the Borderline, supporting Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Murray is quite a character. When introducing the band and their songs, asking the crowd if they are having fun and other odd conversations of chitchat, he appears shy and slightly withdrawn. However, when he starts to play and sing this personality does a complete 180. He sings in his own unique way, while knocking out melodies on guitar. Along with his fellow band mates, Jordan and Tom, tonight was made into a mind blowing, earth shattering and ear poppingly amazing experience as the band demonstrated some old material and lots of new tracks.

At one point in the set Murray fell to the ground, whether this was intentional or not is unsure, and gave it all he had. With the speakers at such as thunderous level, this was on borderline deafening as the guitar was so loud and sharp that it pierced through the atmosphere. One of the more exceptional moments was the bands farewell. Not content with having caused hearing problems already, the lads played their final tune, came to the end, Murray jumped off stage guitar in hand walked to the centre of the room and went completely mental, pushing the sound levels to their boundaries; an incredible yet ear piercing set that just wasn't long enough.

The Xcerts is a rock band and are more than happy to prove it!