Bonkers Rock

XX Teens are a bit bonkers, but in a good way. Their live performance is effortlessly enigmatic with one of the duo on vocals sporting sunglasses and the entire band remaining calmly indifferent towards the audience, who eagerly soak up the crazy beats and howling vocals. They kick off with 2 drummers creating a zany tribal noise matched by vocal whoops; it certainly catches the audience's attention if nothing else.

The rest of the set sees a double guitar onslaught with fierce indie riffs, yammering vocals in the vein of Kings of Leon and the occasional icey and repetitive riff that feels like it could have come straight from a Joy Division album, if Joy Division were more image conscious and unhinged. XX Teens thunderous rock moves away from the insipid indie bombarding the charts and back to a more hungry and raw rock sound that feeds off whatever comes into the band's brains at the time. The crazed calypso beats of 'Darlin'' end a wickedly fun set perfectly fashioning XX Teens as the best new distraction from the boredom of the working week. If you like your music full of life and sparkling with cheeky fun, then give XX Teens a whirl and they might just give you a thrill!