Last will & testament

Sheffield quartet The Legacy get a good billing on the Rocksound Stage but unfortunately don’t get the crowd to match it. This is probably due in part to the stage times being completely out but it doesn’t appear to affect the performance however and they turn in a good set of melodic hardcore.

The sound is far better than it was earlier in the day and it allows the tunes to come through well but it’s clear that the crowd are somewhat bemused and they barely move throughout the whole set. Vocalist Adam both looks and sounds like Liam from Cancer Bats, which is no bad thing and coupled with some solid guitar riffs and an energetic performance they make a good impression. The set is pretty consistent without ever really exciting and it’s unfortunate that the most memorable moment of their set is during the last song when bassist Joey does a succession of leaps, which culminate in his bass falling off, much to everyone’s amusement.

The Legacy are a good band but they don’t really offer anything that you can’t get from a host of other bands at the moment and today it’s definitely case of right place but wrong time.