Short but Sweet

It’s all gone pear shaped in the Rock Sound tent with Sheffield’s 65 Days of Static due to take the stage at 10pm but not actually managing to hit the first note until 10.40pm. This would be a minor inconvenience were it not for the fact that the curfew on this stage is 11pm. Oh dear.

Well there’s not a great deal we can say about the performance as it only lasted 20 minutes but during that time 65 Days of Static prove once again just what an excellent band they are with impressive musicianship and song structures. The dynamics are spot on and veer between lilting melody and great crushing guitars. Friday has been very quiet at Guilfest in terms of numbers so it’s good to see a really decent crowd have gathered but frustrating that they are only going to get a short set.

It must be a bit of a let down for the band as this is the last show of a 2 year tour, hardly the way they would have planned it. It’s hardly a headline set but there’s no blame laid at the door of the band (the sound crew were awful all day) and they go down well but I, along with everyone else would have liked to have seen much more!