Extra Sensory Perception

A lot of people have been looking forward to seeing Senser this weekend and with good reason. Back in the 90s Senser exploded onto the scene with the brilliant debut album ‘Stacked Up’ that fused rap, metal and punk and for a time they enjoyed real success before imploding almost as spectacularly. In the subsequent years they changed line ups and kept recording before reuniting the original line up and emerging just as strong as they ever were. Tonight they take to the Rock Sound Cave and show just why they caused such a stir first time around.

Kicking off with the excellent ‘No Comply’ their impact is immediate; it’s high energy and hard edged but with hooks and energy running alongside in equal measure. The dual vocals of Heitham and Kerstin Haigh are as refreshing and powerful today as they were back in the day and the energy they exude on stage is nothing but infectious. For once on this stage the sound is excellent and ably demonstrates what fine musicians they are with Nick Michaelson’s guitar delivering wave after wave of cutting riffs. They don’t get very long today but they find time to mix in new single ‘End of the World Show’, which shows they can still cut it with the best of them.

The highlight comes with the awesome ‘Age of Panic’ that is delivered with real bite and aggression and gets heads moving throughout the whole tent and when they finish with ‘Eject’ the whole place just erupts. Make no mistake, Senser are just a brilliant band that continue to lay waste to every venue they play and this tent is no exception. They are without doubt the band of the weekend and the only complaint is that it’s over too soon. Just brilliant.