Standing out from, and running into the crowd

As has already been highlighted during our coverage of this year’s Guilfest, the Rock Sound Cave on Friday was not without it’s problems, both in terms of sound quality and timings, headliner 65Daysofstatic ended up with only twenty minutes for their set. As a result, we didn’t see as much of Sacred Mother Tongue as would have liked what with trying to catch other stages too, however what we did witness certainly puts them up there with the stand out acts of the weekend for this stage.

Sacred Mother Tongue play a brand of metal that fits in perfectly with what the masses are loving right now, thunderous, riff heavy and in your face, with just enough melody in the vocals to give a variation to their sound and mean they’re not simply a wall of noise. Added to this are some mighty fine guitar solos and excellent showmanship, during their final song the bassist runs through the crowd while still playing, generating much excitement that means they depart the Rock Sound Cave having earned plenty of new fans.

With some attention from specialist rock radio shows, one Bruce Dickinson has already played them, Sacred Mother Tongue seem to be heading in the right direction. There are only a few dates listed on their Myspace and these are just for the South East of England, however they’re a name to keep an eye out for.