V Festival Staffordshire

Where has Jamie T been? After 'Sheila' was released over a year ago, little has been seen or heard from the singer/songwriter hailing from Wimbledon. He begins rustily, with a shaky, lacklustre version of 'Operation' and proceedings are not looking promising. Thankfully the audience helps him out and considerately carry 'If You’ve Got The Money' far enough to gloss over the ropey guitar lines.

When he finally gains his confidence he proves to be like any rapper worth his salt, marrying frenetic relevant vocals over a worthy melody for Ike and Turner. With the performance on the up he finally presents new material; 'Sticks and Stones' which impresses for belligerent lyrics over screeching guitars.

Any worries about his fan base losing interest are triumphantly set aside. Ably and confidently assisted with just a bass guitar, he basks in the attention for 'Back In The Game'. Now serenaded by his faithful performing their best Michael Winner impressions for 'Calm Down Dearest'. Only this performance is not a commercial even if it still is not taking itself wholly seriously, wherein lies the appeal; the laidback nature lending 'Salvador' to almost sound hiphop. Finally he asks whether his audience are "ready for a dance", he need not have offered before closing with 'Sheila'.