It is all about having fun!

When you go to a venue to watch a band play you expect them to have a few drink and have a laugh. When the venue is situated in a pub, Law Abiding Citizens may have got a little carried away.

The atmosphere that was emitted by this band, to all of 10 people in the crowd, was one of fun, having a laugh and honestly not taking themselves seriously. If you are going to be promoting your music to possible supporters and fans then you need to have some sense of enjoyment, which they had in playing, but also a sense of pride and satisfaction in enough energy to play at your best, no matter how many people in the crowd, whether it is ten or ten thousand.

For this show having fun seemed to be the main objective rather than giving a decent performance of their music. The guitars were way too high pitched to the point they scratched and drowned out the vocals of Mike and Simon, which could barley be heard to begin with. Then there was the lad-playing tambourine. According to the band he is just one of the boys but whoever he is, he had pretty much no sense of playing the instrument in his hand and was content on shouting the lyrics down a microphone and bouncing about as if had a few too many pints.

They have the energy and the fun loving nature to get anyone smiling, but they may need a little more determination in making each and every show their best.