Top Psychdelic Fare

When you have a sound as entrancing and all encompassing as that of The Warlocks, you want the crowd to be sucked into your tunes in precisely the right way. Unfortunately tonight things do not go The Warlocks' way and the poor mixing of sound seems to leave the band irritated and unwilling to play a set any longer than half an hour. For the band, it may have been a poor gig, but for those in the crowd it was a fantastic show with heady psychedelic tones washing over them from start to finish. The Warlocks music is frequently described as stoner rock, despite the fact that the band, or at least songwriter Bobby Hecksher, dispute really being stoners, but it's true that the pulsing beats entice the crowd to nod their heads reverently in time as if intoxicated. The five piece barely fit onto the small stage but such practicalities don't seem to bother them as they stand, enigmatically aloof and deliver what is asked of them with little need for extra flourishes. The sound problems are clear from the support band Electric Kool Aid Company's set and it's obvious that The Warlocks' music could come across far better, but it has to be said that psychedelic music is one of the most subjective genres, lauded by some and coming across as muggy fuzz to others, so it's easy to appreciate why there are problems translating the band's rich sound live. Despite these problems, The Warlocks' music remains overwhelmingly impressive with the three-guitar mix creating a heady mix of drone and jangling tones and woozy vocals lulling the audience along. Should The Warlocks be hitting a town near you soon, they're definitely a highly recommended experience.