Not So Radiant Rock

We Rock Like Girls Don't are of course a female band and one with plenty of hype to boot. The band's loud, melodic rock isn't a welcome surprise for the less hardcore members of the crowd who filter out early into the set as the fierce percussion and chugging guitars begin to punish their ears just a little too much. The sound levels in Colin's Tent have been high all day to make up for the Guitar Hero Rock Stage next door but some of the acts, We Rock Like Girls Don't included, have just been unpleasantly loud with the vocals at times completely drowned out by the booming rhythm section and even the crowd calling for them to be turned up. The band have some catchy tunes, 'Don't Know What Love Is' has some cool vocal harmonies that add a bluesy touch but most of the set comprises of heavy guitar work and uninspiring rock; perhaps the sound still isn't as the band would have hoped but it's easy to get bogged down by the gruff guitars and aggressive percussion and lose the melody completely.