We (are) The Kings

Ever seen a power pop band so powerful they can literally blow you away?

Well I have and We The Kings is that very band. They have toured with some magnificent artists such as Cobra Starship, Valencia, Boys Like Girls, Cute Is What We Aim For and Madina Lake, but they become their most spectacular and impressive when they shared a tour with a very similar minded band, The Academy Is… I had the pleasure to catch both bands at the Islington Carling Academy when they went on ‘Bill & Trav's Bogus Journey’ and they were both remarkable.

We The Kings are so confident in what they do. They enter a stage and take over the minds of each and every individual in the venue. They have their own mesh of powerful melodies that exists beyond the normal barriers of pop to a state of mayhem and such electricity that everyone, whether you had heard their much or not, gets caught up and bewildered by what they are hearing.

Each song got the crowd worked up into a frenzy, but there were a couple of fan favourites that seemed to make the crowd go even more berserk than they previous were, not like they needed the encouragement. ‘Check Yes Juliet’ and ‘Secret Valentine’ were the two most popular songs for the evening, and if you ever get the chance to hear them you will soon understand why. Another track that excited the crowd was a cover of ‘Feel Good’, which you may remember by the Gorillaz. This for me was the most impressive tune the lads played all nightlong, not the song in itself, but the way the band made it come alive.

Singer, songwriter, guitarist and front man Travis Clark took on lead vocals for this and every other track performed that night, but it was Hunter Thomsen’s presence on this one that stunned the crowd, myself included. If there were ever a time to enjoy authoritative power pop, the time has come, and the band is We The Kings!