Nell Bryden at London's Cobben Club

A regular visitor to these shores, Nell Bryden is playing a series of gigs up and down the country and Ireland promoting her new album ‘Second Time Around’ and if the other gigs are half as good as tonight's performance at London's Cobden Club then this is going to be one amazing tour.

Sadly the Cobden Club only gave Nell Bryden and her band a short set despite most of the busy crowd making the journey to this charming but out of the way venue especially for her performance. Fresh from a tour of remote armed force bases in the middle east, the ones the big names avoid, the show Kicked off with ‘Where The Pavement Ends’ and it was clear that this was going to be memorable.

Nell Bryden's voice is one of the best you will have the pleasure of hearing, both powerful and emotional it certainly makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and it has to be said she really does have true classy sassy style on stage too and not just because she plays with a genuine 1946 Gibson guitar. Nell's band had shrunk from previous visits, in fact all three members of her band were new, which considering how tight they all played was exceedingly impressive. One of those newcomers drew plenty of cheers from the crowd with his guitar solo during ‘From Midnight On’.

Finishing off the far too short set, shame on you Cobden Club, with the title track from the impressive album, a great jazzy, bluegrass, foot tapping song. It is always a pleasure to see someone with real talent live and this reviewer can not wait for November 12 when Nell and her band play the London’s Borderline.