This City rock the Camden Barfly

This City’s bassist George describes their Camden Barfly set as “the best show I have ever played” in one of the bands recent wordpress blogs as part of a diary they have been keeping.

Since the bands formation in Brighton back in 2006, they have created a masterful style of music. It has been labelled on their Myspace page as indie/hardcore/pop, which is a little worrying but surprising at how well these elements work together. Since seeing This City live I have checked out their myspace and am quite stunned at how different they sound live as to their tracks on their Myspace. It seems their indie pop side is much more noticeable online compared to the lads more hardcore sound when singing live. It is this unusual and well-crafted technique that sits This City upon a pedestal for other bands to aspire to and take notice of.

In this explosive set at the Camden Barfly, the lads literally blow you away with their raw, quite boisterous yet very catchy creations. They took my breath away with their sharp and energetic tunes that supposedly best represent their lives. With Chris’s more distinctive vocals I could understand where the hardcore elements come in. His melodic yet impulsive and bellowing voice mixed with the bands indie guitars, pounding drums and an underlying of anthemic vibes created a static atmosphere and a very entertaining set. Many of the tracks such as ‘Colours’ and ‘Kids with Fireworks’ have catchy choruses that you can see people yelling out with.

If this is the future for indie music, I cannot wait for This City to punch their way into deeper waters. They put on one heck of a set.