This is the second time that I have seen Canterbury live now. Upon seeing a band for the first time it's quite difficult to get a rounded impression, I was sure however that I would like to see them again. Sure enough I got the opportunity when the lads supported Hundred Reasons as they played the last night of the tour at the Islington Academy.

The band was warmly received with the crowd appreciating Canterbury’s style of music. It was great to see some of the crowd singing along so obviously they had already heard the tracks and were enjoying the bands lively performance. The guys were giving it their all on the stage; Ben and James sinking deeply into their riffs and Scott crashing the drums passionately. Luke couldn’t keep still, wiggling away as he played keys, really putting his all into making it an unforgettable performance; Mike was also grooving away with his guitar. Alongside some new tracks the guys gave us their Myspace tunes, ‘Set You Right’, ‘Friends, We’re More Like A Gang’ and ‘Take Me Out of the Wall’; three engrossing, mesmeric and energising tunes.

Canterbury is a very strong and confident band and what makes them so exceptional is their talent for making each tune unique and stand out from its recorded counterpart. I’ve listened to their Myspace material and when performed on the night, it was different, unique and had a life of its own. It was great they could replicate the amazing recorded tunes on a large scale with just as much talent. The unpolished live versions of the tunes made quite an impact; I heard others on this occasion complimenting the band's performance.

Mike and Luke are the perfect tag team vocal partnership and made many hearts flutter with their unique style. Canterbury are embarking on a tour with All Forgotten this month so why not catch them live and see for yourself one of the most talented, ambitious and enthralling bands you may encounter in a while.