Wednesday 13 make their presence known

As smoke was pumped into the venue from the stage and the place started looking like a cemetery at midnight I knew the crowd were in for a special night, the last night of the tour.

With a faint odour of burnt cheese (?), bacon (?) booze and sweat becoming more noticeable throughout the set not only did I get hungry but excited and slightly anxious. The atmosphere was static, electricity pumping through the veins of the crowd, driving their motions and energies as they experienced the set.

One of many things that stood out was Wednesday 13’s way of using the song titles as he spoke; quite creative I thought. From all degrees of the Wednesday 13 back catalogues came ‘Till Death do us Part’, ‘Scary Song’, ‘From Here To The Hearse’ and ‘Rambo’. Other tracks included ‘I Walked With A Zombie’ with an actual “zombie” on stage, a love song, the extremely catchy ‘My Home Sweet Homicide’ and ‘Bad Things’; a chorus (“I want bad things to happen to you”) fitting when you have two middle aged hypocrites getting very agitated in front of you. The closing was probably the most explicit song ever imagined; yet created the most excited response from the crowd. Never have I seen so many individuals in a confined space swearing in unison to ‘I Love To Say Fuck’.

Wednesday 13 knows exactly how to make the crowd thrive, beg for more and go all out in a hypnotic outrage of fighting. The costume went down pretty well too considering the majority of individuals in the crowd were following suit.

This is a musician that has had his foot in the musical door for a while so appealing to a wide variety of people. From rocking out in your teens, twenties and thirties to those mentally older, but certainly not acting like it on this occasion. Wednesday 13 make a night not to forget.