Bought to you by Paige

The evening began with powerful, hard-hitting and very enjoyable music by some talented musicians. Following on from the previous bands energetic style of performing, Paige carried on in much the same manner.

Keeping a crowd interested while entertaining them fully is the key to any good performance and Paige certainly knew how to do this. The tunes performed in this set were incredibly catchy and set alight by the addition of the keys. Many bands find the use of guitars, bass and drum effective. For Paige however the introduction of keys made their music that little bit more catchy, bouncy and lively. Occasionally they were drowned out by the accompanying music but for the majority, suited perfectly. It was this bounciness that got the crowd jumping and clapping along, really just having a blast along the way.

I always imagined how difficult it must be for bands to stand on stage, playing whatever instrument they have their hands fixated on, half of them singing, all moving around like they have ants in their pants while all the time having lights beaming on them non-stop and heating up the stage. The guys from Paige really put themselves into the music, playing and singing and attempting to ignore the difficult attributes surrounding them in the venue. It seemed however that lead vocalist Lewis was blinded by the lights in the room and the sweat dripping from his forehead. Never though, did he let this affect his performance, besides singing with his eyes closed, which he did rather well.

Paige create the type of music you could listen to all day long; pressing the repeat button and never getting the urge to press skip. They are brilliant performers that gave a great set.