Save Your Breath

The night began with amazing musicians, so I was looking forward to much of the same as the night continued. However I was left a little bewildered by Save Your Breath.

This South Wales pop punk five piece seemed to be more of a CRASH BANG WOLLOP sort of band. They have the loud banging of drums and the crashing guitar riffs, which are combined pretty well; however something just didn’t feel right. At the start the musicians felt the guitars were not loud enough so up went the volume. Then the guitars seemed to overpower the vocal so the microphones had to be turned up a notch. In the end everything seemed twice as loud as it needed to be, so loud in fact that vibrations in the ear caused distortion of sound. Musically and creatively they have the ability to create some decent tunes and did so, but tonight I think they were having a bit of an off day or possibly some technical difficulties.

The highlight of the set came in the bands cover of the Sugarbabes single ‘About You Now’. I think when a band cover a song, this interpretation not only gives listeners of one genre the opportunity to explore music from another, but the band the opportunity to put their own touch on an old favourite. In the case of this tune, it was such a large improvement over the original and got much of the crowd singing along.

Save Your Breath will be touring all over the UK with The Wonder Years and All or Nothing come July. Hopefully they will have the technical elements on their side this time around.