Fight Like Apes - Hop Farm Festival

Irish synth punk four piece Fight Like Apes woke up the early Sunday afternoon crowd with a blistering set playing the majority of songs off their debut album 'Fight Like Apes and The Mystery Of The Golden Medallion'. The Third Stage tent was packed out and there was plenty of interaction between the crowd and band, not least when lead singer Maykay sat herself on the barrier to sing to the crowd with keyboardist Pockets joining in the crowd.

They also remembered to play to the crowd who were standing to the side of the stage, keeping them amused too. Including when playing 'Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues', the now traditional cover song in their sets from as Maykay put it “The greatest band ever” Mclusky.

The fun element to Fight Like Apes live shows are fast becoming legendary and today was no exception, especially when one song was dedicated to Johnny Foreigner, who were in attendance only for bassist Tom to say he did not want it to be, leaving “An awkward situation”. Tom’s bass playing skills are exceptionally good, playing it like it was a guitar and making up for the lack of any said guitars with great ease. The only thing which did let them down was the vocals did get drowned out on the odd occasion.

Finishing the set with a chaotic feel, no regard for instruments and giving them serious damage, including playing keyboards with legs, Fight Like Apes walked off to a loud cheer, even from those just outside the tent who had only come to see what the fuss was about.