Enigmatic and Interesting

Factory Floor attract a good crowd to their Second Stage Shoreditch Festival performance, but it seems that their set divides opinions with some enamoured with the band’s mix of doomy vocals and electro, and others instantly turned off. However the band are lucky enough to be playing a covered stage during a shower, so plenty of people pack in and they seem to gain some new fans as a result of this. While KASMS filled the previous set with brief tunes, Factory Floor deal with the 15 minutes of stage time by playing long numbers that build up tension and suspense in the small tent. Random vocals are uttered with deep sincerity over repetitive, ear-numbing electro beats and spunky samples.

It’s barely possible to see the band over the sea of people, but they seem to create a fairly enigmatic presence, concentrating on their instruments and remaining silent between tunes. In fact it’s a surprise when the set finishes, a fact that’s only evident because of the sudden silence. There’s been a lot of talk about Factory Floor recently and their sound is an interesting one, although it features the kind of pseudo-Joy Division stylings that many bands before them have tried. From this set alone, I’d recommend checking the band out, even though it’s hard to decide whether they have a spark of brilliance, or they’re just appealing because they’re a little different to everything else on the Second Stage today.