Kerrang! Week Of Rock

Playing the second night of the Kerrang! Week of Rock, Finnish band The 69 Eyes were more into the dramatic side of things than expected.

With a front man hidden behind sunglasses approaching the stage, you never quite know what will be awaiting you when the music begins. What The 69 Eyes vocalist had to offer was some rather dramatised moves, shoulders flapping around, bouncing around in circles, holding the microphone to just the right angle that you look like the true meaning of "Rock Star". There was time when he seemed to be more about putting the poise into it and looking the part rather than giving a good and energetic performance. Having said that it did give the set something other bands don’t have.

With a Gothic tint to the bands style both musically as well as performance wise, the dark and edgy vocals that Jyrki 69 projects are ideally croaky and slightly mysterious and in some instances a little creepy. At times this does sound forged and more strained, but for much of the time sit perfectly within the music, especially when demonstrating songs such as ‘Never Say Die’, ‘Gothic Girl’ and ‘Dead Girls Are Easy’.

After such a performance many people will find a comfort in the fact the band have an album out in a month or so.