Canterbury headline!

Canterbury has been on tour with some great bands including Hundred Reasons and Billy Talent. But, on their first headline tour, they intended on making each night a night to remember. This performance at the Barfly in Camden was one of eight nights on tour to promote the release of ‘Thank You’, the bands debut album and it was one of the finest performances you could imagine.

Canterbury makes each performance unique. They don’t just take to the stage and aim to repeat the songs you have heard on their Myspace or CD. They put the LIVE in live performance. Canterbury is not the type of band that once you have seen these guys in their element, they are going to be exactly the same the next time around. Each time they play they put on a better performance, put in more effort and become more confident on stage. They play songs that you can dance to, sing to and lose yourself within. On this occasion they belted out numerous tracks off their album, including the favourites ‘Take Me Out of The Wall’, ‘Set You Right’ and of course the recent single ‘Eleven, Twelve’.

The stage is remarkably small at the Barfly but this had no down effect on their performance. In fact if anything, the small venue made the entire set that much more intimate. Individually, each and every one of the fellas were in their element, getting into the music and the sweat dripping from them was poof enough of this. Scott pounding skins in back, Ben and James hitting the riffs remarkably with Luke dancing around like a kid on Christmas Day while accompanying Mike to belt out notes like you have never heard. As a band, they play music you just can't get enough of!

At the end of the night, it didn’t matter whether you had heard the tracks previously or not; you were left humming and mumbling along and dying to get home to download the album for free from here.