There for Tomorrow play the UNDERWORLD

Two of America’s finest unspoken talents have made their way across the pond for a co-headline tour and the second stop along the way for The Friday Night Boys and There For Tomorrow was at the Camden Underworld.

The energy when the four lads of There For Tomorrow were on stage was incredible considering they had barely hit UK shores before. Bearing this in mind, they had a huge fan base behind them with the crowd singing along to all the tunes. Christian gave it everything he had and when playing guitar and singing consistently didn’t satisfy his appetite any longer, he took two drumsticks and began pounding the wood away from the railings! It definitely made quite an impact and got everyone’s attention.

Lead vocalist Maika is a man with crazy eyes while performing. You can usually tell a lot about the emotions a singer is putting into a song through their facial expressions; anger, happiness or excitement when singing can be seen and then felt by the crowd. This is apparent for Maika, but it is his eye contact as well as expressions that give you even more insight into his feeling towards a song and its lyrics. Eyebrows raised then squinted, eyes popping open wide and closed tightly, everything he was feeling for the song and the crowd was expressed and then experienced by those watching.

Much like their fellow American’s The Friday Night Boys, There For Tomorrow were astounded by the amount of crowd surfing that seemed to take place, especially considering the distance from stage to floor was relatively small; some fans found this out the hard way! When the girls or guys managed to make their way up there Maika especially looked on in astonishment, making wider eyes than ever before, but also appreciated the confidence the individuals had to make their way up there to be next to the band and the extreme confidence it took to get back down again.

It may have been a tight squeeze when on stage but There For Tomorrow made full use of every square inch that was available to them and were the highlight of the evening; can’t wait for their return!