Making an everlasting impression...

They Sinks Ships has recently released their debut EP ‘Home Is Where You Make It’ and were lucky enough to get a spot on the There For Tomorrow/The Friday Night Boys co-headline tour, playing Camden’s Underworld on the second night.

Much like the main bands for the evening, They Sink Ships put on a very high energy set. They opened a night of powerful pop punk made appealing by the melodious guitars and they were capable of exciting the crowd just enough to get them revved up for the main acts to follow. Lead singer Tom shot through the stage bounding around and really making himself at home; much like the other members of the band. He has such an authoritative presence on stage and really takes control of the situation. The crowd welcomed the band into their lives for thirty minutes and once the set was over, they were welcoming them into their permanent CD collection.

Do not be surprised to see They Sink Ships headlining their own UK tour in the coming year as they definitely have the momentum, ambition and charisma to do it!