Carach Angren successfully drew me into their dark world.

It’s not a good start to the set for these guys; it's 00:45 on Saturday night/Sunday morning and they are running late due to a seemingly difficult sound check.

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The sparse crowd revealed many tired faces, yet determined to see the festival out to the bitter end.

Carach Angren is a very theatrical band; skeletons adorned mic stands and their faces were painted black and white, reflecting their theatrical music. Screamo fans would have been in their element but for me, it was a bit grating at that time of the night.

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One highlight of the set was a poem they read that, although was very twisted, was surprisingly successful at drawing me into the darkness.

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I find it hard to enjoy black metal but I did find this performance appealing; I would highly recommend Carach Angren to fans of black metal.

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