Three members may have left Evanescence, but they took the best aspects with them

Although We Are The Fallen have only released one album to date, they still manage to attract a decent crowd, with most people intrigued to see what this offshoot of Evanescence has evolved into. The musical style of We Are the Fallen is far too similar to Evanescence’s, but is played with skill and passion, leaving little to be criticised.

Single ‘Bury Me Alive’ is a high point of their well-received set, proving that former Evanescence members Ben Moody, John LeCompt and Rocky Gray certainly don’t need Amy Lee anymore. Singer Carly Smithson’s performance is very good, as are the contributions of the rest of the band.

The five-piece give a rendition of the Madonna hit ‘Like a Prayer’, which is amazingly still met with a sea of devil horns. Despite Smithson having found fame in the American Idol competition, she is still welcomed by the crowd of metalheads. Let’s just hope that no one told Zack de la Rocha...

We Are The Fallen may have just celebrated their one year anniversary as a band, but they have already developed a strong musical bond. Their live performance has reached a good standard and will continue to mature as the band tour the world. Bassist Marty O’Brien has the knowledge and experience to make this band a success, but it just depends whether the group can ever shake off Evanescence’s shadow.