To the entrance theme of ‘Team America: F*ck Yeah’, Zebrahead arrive at Donington to save the fans from the dreary weather conditions

As the rain continued to pour on the final day of Download Festival 2010, hundreds crammed into the sheltered Pepsi Max stage to see rap-punk band Zebrahead. Beginning their sub-headlining slot with ‘Rescue Me’, the Orange County quintet provided a set that delighted their fans, covering all the desired hits including ‘Postcards from Hell’ and ‘Anthem’.

Drummer Ed Udhus may not necessarily have the most desirable bodily figure to be performing topless, but his musical contribution is valuable, thrusting the rhythmic force of Zebrahead’s music forwards in conjunction with bassist Ben Osmundson. Guitarists Matty Lewis and Greg Bergdorf, too, have formed an excellent understanding, but it is vocals of Lewis and rapper Ali Tabatabaee that are most striking. The combination of Lewis’ lyrical choruses with Tabatabaee’s rhymically punchy verses is pivotal, defining the unique sound of Zebrahead. Transferred into a live scenario, the band’s songs are injected with a newfound energy, absorbed and enjoyed by all of those watching.

Having toured with the likes of Bowling for Soup and The Bloodhound Gang, it is quite obvious that Zebrahead are a band intent on having (and encouraging) fun. Whilst most bands at Download scream for the fans to raise their devil horns, Zebrahead request that the audience raise their hands in a suggestive manner and shout, “Woo! Minge!” during the chorus of ‘Playmate of the Year’. To some, it could have been interpreted as rather immature, but considering the mood-dampening effect of the weather outside, this certainly brought a much-needed smile to many faces.