Respect to the band

Madina Lake have been in the news a lot recently due to their bassist Matthew Leone's brave attempt at stopping a woman getting seriously beaten, only for himself to get horrific injuries. The band's decision to come over and not cancel their UK tour, which so many bands would have done without a moment's hesitation, without their bassist was brave and good for the fans.

It was sad then, that more people did not come out to support and watch Madina Lake. Despite the lower than expected crowd, Madina Lake did not hold back, giving their all for their 50 minute set. Lead singer and brother to bassist, Nathan Leone and guitarist Mateo Camargo, covered every inch of the large stage playing to the entire crowd at the front.

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With a mix of screaming and harmonic vocals coupled with some good rocking tunes, Madina Lake have probably had better shows on the tour than this, there last one of the tour, but hopefully they still made some new friends here along the way. The barefooted Nathan Leone, thanked everyone for their support over the difficult summer and we here at Room Thirteen wish Matthew a speedy and full recovery.

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