Yet another knock out performance

With such vigorous performing musicians, it is no wonder They Sink Ships got a huge welcome at the start of the set and a scream of appreciation at the end. They have a remarkable ability to get young hearts and souls screaming and bouncing by delivering one of the most dynamic live performance of the evening so far.

Performing tracks such as 'Home Is Where You Make It', this bubbly bunch of boys loved every moment of being on stage. The only problem the lads had to climb through was a technical issue with a microphone. Through such forceful movements on stage the microphone decided to pack in midway through a song. But where Tom looked around for someone to held a helping hand and throw him a working microphone, it was the fans that stepped in and gave a helping hand, or should that be helping voice as they continued on and sang the remainder of the song. With a new microphone in hand, stolen from the guitarist next to him, Tom was back on track and ready to roll.

With the small technical issue aside, this upbeat, bouncy and very sweaty band were prepared to give whatever they could to make this night a memorable one. They Sink Ships came out the other side of this set with more screams and more cheer than they went in with.