Fiddles, smiles and fun

Candythief travelled down from Scotland to take part in Badgerjam, an Oxjam event; and the crowd at the Grosvenor were glad they did.

Live they are a fourpiece who have taken the traditional vibe of fiddle music and mixed it with todays rock/pop sensibilities to produce an infectious sound that captured the rooms attention. The band was started, and is led, by Diana De Cabarrus her strong clear voice setting the melodies and building the scene for each song. From start to end they were assured and relaxed and with a welcoming energy their folk/indie rock spread joy through the room.

One song, sung mostly in French, offered a different style and mixed things up with waltzing rhythms interspersed with frenetic beats. It offered a slightly different feel and brought smiles to faces around the room.

They ended the set with a more somber song weaving melodies back and forth with the fiddle a driving force behind the lyrics. To all the fans of folky indie music, I say get yourselves to a Candythief gig soon, and pick up the album now. It's a blend of great rhythms and energy and they are a joy to watch.