The Xcerts give one of their finest performances

The Xcerts started off in the industry as three Scots men playing "distorted pop" music with a combination of rock and indie vibes with a few people looking or listening and wondering where their musical style actually falls. With the bands second album 'Scatterbrain' just been released, there is no doubt the direction in which this trio is heading - ROCK! ROCK! ROCK!

When The Xcerts took to the largest of the O2 Academy Islington stages, the crowd looked upon them with inquisitive eyes asking, "who are these three young men?" and "what can we expect?" with the occasional expression of "oh no another support act" every now and again. As they began to play the expressions on the faces of the crowd changed. There were many that winced at first, but this was due to the incredible sound level that emerged from the speakers as The Xcerts kicked in with the music. Once the ears adjusted to the sound and the eyes to the lights, everyone enjoyed the performance.

Having seen the trio perform on numerous occasions, the latest was by far the one of the most energetic and enthusiastic with the lads appearing most comfortable. Although they walked on the stage like three fellas about to sing something light-hearted and easy on the ears, you couldn't be more wrong. What they performed was heart felt, powerful and very intense and this particularly applied to the bands new material.

Taking into consideration The Xcerts were opening the night and paved the way for two amazing American rock bands, they gave it all they had and come out triumphant.