Neurosis at The Koko, London 6th Dec

Neurosis are one of the most influential and touted bands in underground heavy music, with many bands sighting them as an influence, including Minsk, Isis, Mouth of the Architect and Mastodon to name but a few. This means expectations at a Neurosis shows are always high, and tonight is no exception and of course Neurosis deliver. They have so much great material to draw from with their sizable back catalogue dating back to 1985.

Neurosis crush with their epic heavy riffs and melodic melancholy, filled with raw grit and gruff vocals throughout the show. Steven Von Till and Scott Kelly are such a recognisable duo as the two vocalists and guitarists of Neurosis. As they bound through the set The Koko serves the music well, and is a large enough venue to get the epic-ness of the band across and the audience are captivated hook, line and sinker, hanging onto every note from the word go.

'At the end of the road' kicks off proceedings from their latest studio album "Given to the rising" with distorted guitar noises to start and tribal drums coming in, then Steven Von Tills raw voice whispering through until about 5 minutes into the song and then the guitars kick in and mesmerise everyone and his voice screams through the room.

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Throughout the show there is an amazing backdrop of black and white visuals going on behind the band, including films of snowy mountains, screaming faces, birds in flight, solar eclipses, wolves bounding through trees, blooming flowers and photographs of landscapes and people, all perfectly syncing with the expansive, progressive and often apocalyptic sound of Neurosis, showing the raw sounds of the band and the beauty within the music as well. The artist Josh Graham (Storm Of Light) made these montages.

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There are a few old favourites brought back to life with 'The doorway' from their 1999 album, "Times of grace". They also play 'Locust Star', 'Water is not enough' and 'Stones from the sky'. They finish off with the monumental 'Through silver in blood', from the same titled album, where the tribal drums from Scott Kelly and Steven Von Till come out for an epic finale.

Neurosis also manage to slide in a new song (possibly called 'Bleed the sky away' as this is repeated throughout the song.) From what I heard I am now looking forward to the new album even more! There is no talking of any kind from the band, but if you expected any onstage banter then you are at the wrong show. Neurosis do what they know best, they let their music do the talking.....

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